Ours is the story of an Italian family firm, closely related to the tradition and passion for the art of the Italian decoration. For two generations we design and produce decorative paints that make unique and valuable homes all over the world.Our story begins in 1968 in a beautiful city of Milan, where over 50 years ago our parents had their first experience with the decoration. Seven years later they decided to start a business of manufacturing of varnish and decorative paints, thus realizing therir dream in their hometown in southern Italy.Today, we, the children work daily with passion and dedication to keep that dream alive. Italya colour texture is the most successful brand of Duriplastic Ltd. and is considered the most complete and interesting line of decorative paint in the market.


The development and research of materials combined with ancient secrets of Italian master decorators, lead us to the development and research of materials.Our collection the most fascinating and innovative in the market.The daily work of our laboratory is to investigate and analyze the best raw materials in the market. This helps us improve both the functional performance and the aesthetic quality of the products.The other commitment of our laboratories is to check and test all of our products before marketing, to ensure quality standards.


Duriplastic believes in training as a lever for development and quality improvement.This guarantees a harmonious growth of the Company, the employees and the customers, ensuring a successful long-term vision.


∙ Customized training;

∙ Training and seminars of the product;

∙ Seminar and Training on colorimetry;

∙ Seminar and Training about the application cycles.


The distribution for us is the crucial link between the brand and the public. In recent years we have focused on a strong retail program in order to give visibility and recognition to the brand.Visible love and soul goes into each line of Italya Colour Texture.



The new Tinting System is the result of the most advanced coloring systems, in line with the modern color philosophy. Durimix is designed to provide quality performance with low environmental impact ZERO VOC and low costs, it is ideal for both small and medium shop, as well as professional distribution centers.