Capri - Pittura decorativa Italyacolour
Pittura decorativa Italyacolour - Capri

Carrara – Stone Effect


A refined decoration which re-proposes the virtue of marble with charming streak effects of silver and gold. It is capable of bestowing a regal tone and personality to the internal space. It reinterprets the purity and essence of marble into contemporary taste, with elegant and exquisite colour changing effects.


Base: Prepare the support by applying, using a roller or brush, one coat of BASE R, coloured using the tinting system ItalyaMix. Leave it to dry for at least 8-12 hours

Finish: Apply a coat of FINISH 5 LIME with a trowel in an even manner, avoiding ripples and unevenness. Dab the surface in an uneven manner using an Effetto Frame plastic trowel so as to obtain the irregular streaks. Before the product dries, carefully smooth over with a trowel. Leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. Add the right quantity of TONER GOLD/SILVER into the FINISH 2 using the ItalyaMix tinting system. Apply a coat with a sponge and then leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. In humid spaces (bathrooms, health centres, etc) apply 2 coats of CERA NEUTRAL(Neutral Wax) on the completely dry surface.